You Spoke, We Listened.

Thanks to your support, Bully Bunches has quickly become one of Canada's largest online retailers of high quality, all-natural dog chews.

Through your feedback, we've outlined some major improvements that will be implemented over the coming months. These changes will provide a better overall customer experience and increased satisfaction. 


1. Increasing Production 

Tired of seeing our products sold out? So are we! We've added 6 new industrial ovens to prevent items from going "out of stock". Gradually ramping up production, we intend to be operating at 100% efficiency for all products by October 2020. You will begin to see an increase in inventory starting early June.


2. More Chews, Less Odour. 

All the classics, plus new all-natural chews will be available in the coming months leading up to October 2020. These items include Beef Tendons, Beef Backstrap, Beef Trachea, Cow Ears, Cow Tails, Beef Cheeks, Pig Ears and more. All of our Bully Bunches products will receive an extended amount of baking time to reduce moisture levels and yield a natural product with little to no odour, without the use of any chemicals (including our bully sticks). While extended baking time is costly, we find it necessary for a superior product and will not incur any additional cost to the customer. 


3. Subscribe & Save

Coming this month, we will be offering an improved Autoship service called "Subscribe & Save". This new service will allow you to build any custom order and have it auto-delivered every 1-8 weeks for greater convenience and larger savings, all with no contracts. Pause, edit or cancel anytime, all from one account log in (no more separate logins).  


Thank you again for your continued patience and support. We will continue to notify you as these changes begin to be implemented. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Mathew Holmes
Founder & President, Bully Bunches.