How We're Different Than Other Dog Chew Companies

How We're Different Than Other Dog Chew Companies

At Bully Bunches, we set ourselves apart by operating with one simple mission in mind: treating your dog like they’re one of our own. As a family-run business, we take that job very seriously. That means ensuring that our chews only have the best, safest, and most delicious ingredients possible. The ways in which we look after your pet are countless, but these are some of the ones that we’re most proud of.

No rawhide ever.

We’ve got a bone to pick with companies that still use rawhide in their chews. Dogs should never ingest the ingredient for a number of reasons. Topping the list of dangers associated with rawhide are contamination, choking, digestive distress, and intestinal blockage. These concerns are so extreme that multiple animal humanitarian agencies, including the Humane Society, have discouraged its use, and yet still, some dog chew companies persist.

Never bleached.

Didn’t know that some companies bleach their dog chews? It’s actually a shockingly common practice and many companies do it even if they say they don't. Our simple policy is that bleach is unnecessary, unhealthy, and should never come near your dog's chews.

Only Natural ingredients.

Your dog is an extension of your family and often feels more human than canine. So why should there be lower standards for their food and chews? We only use human-grade ingredients that are treated with the same level of care and safety as the items in your own kitchen.

100% Digestible

Unlike many chews on the market, every single one of ours is entirely digestible from start to finish. This is particularly important because our company was founded after a young family pup fell severely ill from an indigestible product. It took an emergency surgery and one expensive vet bill to determine that far too many unsafe dog chews were circulating the market. Thus, in 2015 Bully Bunches was born to put an end to those indigestible chews.

Chemical and filler-free.

The majority of Bully Bunches chews are entirely single-ingredient, and the ones that aren’t have a straightforward, easy-to-understand ingredients list. What’s never on that list are chemicals or fillers. We believe that you can make incredible, delicious chews with the simplest, healthy ingredients, so why add unnecessary additives?

Weight vs. Diameter.

We don’t just eye the size of our chews and hope that they weigh as much as promised. We put each and every one on the scale before shipping them out to you. It's essential to do this because density matters in a bully stick. Another company's bully stick may have a wide circumference, but if it's not dense, a dog will be able to chomp right through it! Bully sticks all come in different shapes and may have air pockets or hollow parts within them. Weighing them makes sure to weed those lighter ones out.  To achieve transparency with our customers, each of our product listings actually includes the weight of each stick so you know exactly what you're getting.