For non-vegetarians, beef jerky is one of the most delicious snacks you can have! Beef jerky for humans has been a beefy treat that is as old as human existence. Of course, this high-protein snack is meant to be shared, and so we’ve made our Bully Bunches dog jerky treats for your floofy boys and girls! Our dog jerky treats are made with the same quality and care that all of our treats are made with! For the uninitiated, our jerky treats are made from ethically sourced beef and are a great choice for dogs of all sizes and breeds! 

What makes beef jerky for dogs a great treat? For starters, it's a fantastic source of protein without excess fat, which is essential for maintaining healthy muscles and tissues. At Bully Bunches, our jerky treats and jerky sticks for dogs take this a step further by sourcing our beef products from high-quality cattle. Our beef jerky for dogs is also free from any chemical additives or preservatives. We believe that dogs should only be eating the best, most natural ingredients, which is why we never use any unnatural or harmful fillers or ingredients in our jerky treats. 

One of our most popular dog jerky treats is our stuffed jerky sticks! These delightful stuffed jerky sticks for dogs are easily chewable, so they’re perfect for dogs of all ages, puppies and old floofers alike! In addition to our dog jerky treats, we also offer a wide range of other premium dog treats and chews. At Bully Bunches, we have bully sticks, pig ears, cow ears, classic dog bones, and many other types of chews to keep you and your pups satisfied! 

With such a wide inventory of chews, you’ll find something for every dog's taste and chewing style at Bully Bunches! And, with our commitment to using only the best, most natural ingredients, you can trust that your dog is getting the very best when you choose Bully Bunches. Give your good boy or girl the best life you can give with a treat from Bully Bunches today!