Pig & Cow Ear Dog Chews

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Treating our canine companions with meat scraps is an age-old tradition that dates back to the earliest interactions between humans and dogs. In today's modern world, pig and cow ears have become more than just an unwanted piece of the animal. At Bully Bunches, we have taken this tradition to a whole new level by creating pig and cow ears for dogs that your good boy or girl will absolutely love!

Our pig and cow ear dog chews are perfect for dogs and puppies of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Our selection of ears comes in various sizes and cuts. Additionally, our ears can be ordered in bulk or individually. At Bully Bunches, we believe in providing the best quality treats for our furry friends, which is why our cow and pig ears are oven-baked to perfection and contain no chemicals or rawhide.

For larger canines, our jumbo cow ears for dogs are a great choice! These big ears are packed with flavor and are perfect for bigger breeds. Our cow ear for dogs is a highly nutritious and delicious treat that will help promote healthy teeth and gums for your big floofer. 

At Bully Bunches, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and natural treats that are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our pig ear for dogs is a popular choice for pet owners as they are highly digestible and an excellent source of essential nutrients for dogs. We offer a wide range of pig ear dog chews, including ear strips and rolled ear cannolis that are perfect for middle-aged dogs and or large puppies!

Your dog will roll over for these healthy, natural, and delicious treats! Our selection of cow and pig ear dog chews is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to provide their pets with a nutritious and tasty treat. Order cow and pig ears for dogs today from Bully Bunches and give your furry friend a treat they will love!

USDA-Certified / Rawhide-free / Sustainably-sourced ingredients / No BPAs / No preservatives / Grain-free / Protein rich